Dwaine Maltais

Chief Strategy Officer

As the CSO, Dwaine’s main goal is to help job seekers and employers make valuable connections by finding innovative ways to grow Nexxt’s solutions and expanding current and future partnerships. Dwaine has 25+ years of experience in the HR technology space and his team-oriented, can-do attitude is a driving force behind his ability to get things done. He abides by three great pieces of advice to succeed in the business world: 1. Listen more than you talk, 2. You don’t need that many slides, and 3. Relationships matter. Outside of the office, Dwaine likes to take a break from technology and enjoys the now occasional outing on his surfboard—that used to be a daily part of his routine, making things by hand—these days it’s wood and metal kaleidoscopes (a mesmerizing blend of art and science!), and spending time with family, especially, cooking and gardening with his wife, Amy.