Women To Watch in Talent Acquisition 2024

April 8, 2024 – Nexxt’s Vice President of Sales & Client Success, Michelle Rawlins, was recently featured as a Woman to Watch in Talent Acquisition by RecruitmentMarketing.com. Michelle was featured along side eight other impressive women in the TA space.


[Excerpted from RecruitmentMarketing.com]

In a world where workplace gender gaps persist, it is heartening to see women not just joining in, but stepping up to lead in certain sectors. One of these sectors? Talent acquisition.

A 2023 LinkedIn study that analyzed about 600,000 profiles in talent acquisition fields highlighted the dominance women have in the recruitment and talent space. In healthcare, for example, women make up a significant 74% of TA leaders. Even more surprising is that in typically male-dominated sectors like oil, gas and mining, women occupy roughly 52% of TA leadership roles.

Still, we know that disparities exist. A recent survey by RecruitmentMarketing.com and The Muse found that while there are more women in the workforce than ever before, we still have a ways to go before achieving gender equity at work and in the hiring process. The survey showed that 42% of women have encountered gender-biased or inappropriate questions during a job interview, and 41% have felt discriminated against during a job interview due to gender. In addition, 38% even said they hesitated to apply for a job based on perceived gender bias.

The need for rising female leaders is clear. That’s why in celebration of Women’s History Month, RecruitmentMarketing.com took the time to analyze internal hiring data and seek recommendations across the industry to highlight a list of superstar women making their mark in the talent acquisition space.


2024 Women to Watch in Talent Acquisition
Michelle Rawlins, Vice President of Recruitment Marketing Sales and Client Success at Nexxt.com

Michelle Rawlins, currently serving as the Vice President of Recruitment Marketing Sales and Client Success at Nexxt.com, leads a dynamic team dedicated to fostering robust partnerships with clients centered on understanding, education and expansion of their recruitment marketing strategies.

With over 15 years of experience in corporate recruitment marketing, Michelle’s passion, dedication and commitment to understanding and advancing the recruitment marketing space are evident. Her expertise lies in building national and localized marketing strategies and understanding return on investments.

Michelle’s strength lies in her ability to generate innovative ideas that revolutionize and refine strategies and programs related to the attraction, acquisition and development of top-tier talent. Her track record includes roles at renowned organizations such as Charles Schwab and Amazon, showcasing her builder mentality and leadership in the field.

RecruitmentMarketing.com: What was your proudest moment in the industry? What have you done that you felt made an impact on the world of hiring or recruitment?

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